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Assisting DTA to clear the backlog

Initiated by the DTA, the “Digital Marketplace” (the Marketplace) is an online service connecting Government agencies with digital experts across a range of disciplines. It aims to support government procurement of ICT services, particularly from small-to-medium enterprises who may not have experience selling to government. 

With a large uptake of the Marketplace, the DTA were left with a large backlog of expert seller applications that required assessment. They needed to clear this backlog to smooth the process for sellers responding to opportunities and improve the competitiveness of the marketplace. Pragma Partners worked with DTA alongside their assessment team to help clear the backlog of assessments. 

Diagram showing the areas of expertise process

Optimising the assessment approach

Pragma conducted a review of the existing ‘seller of expertise assessment’ process flow. We developed an optimal process flow that ensured consistency across all assessments and allowed for rapid grading by multiple assessors. 

Using our proven techniques, our team was able to identify the optimal assessment methodology utilising the existing framework ensuring: 

  • Consistency across the first and second assessment phases; 
  • Unbiased, blind process for settling differing results; and 
  • Assessing value for money from sellers with above threshold prices 

To increase adoption of our proposed assessment guide we visualised the above through a detailed process diagram making it easy for people to follow and identify where in the process assessments are up to. 

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