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Digital Prototyping and Usability Testing
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The Digital Cash Flow Coaching Kit (dCFCK) was a prototype service offering built by the ATO for use by industry bodies, tax professionals and small business operators seeking to increase their knowledge and capability in cash flow management. The ATO were seeking a partner to modify the beta version of the Digital Cash Flow Coaching Kit (dCFCK) and release it to the public domain as open source software. 

Pragma were engaged to modify the beta, which included a comprehensive technical and security assessment, complete code redesign, UX and UI modernisation, re-platform, WCAG 2.1 AA compliance and the implementation of a support and maintenance program, all within a compressed timeframe of eight weeks.

Pragma utilised a hybrid agile delivery model to prioritise and scope work items to ensure release of the Beta product. Working in a multidisciplinary team consisting of open-source specialists, front-end web developers, testers, content, user experience and interaction designers. 

Pragma worked closely with the ATO to regularly conduct share backs and system demonstrations with key stakeholders. Multiple rounds of usability testing were conducted with the ATO and external tax professionals. With each round of testing, Pragma incorporated feedback into the product, ensuring the dCFCK met the core needs of the end user. 

In parallel the development of the dCFCK Pragma, designed a comprehensive managed service program consisting of embedded analytics, reporting, and multi-tier support to accompany the release of the product. This suite of tools allowed the ATO to monitor the efficacy and improve the dCFCK with real user data. 

As a result of Pragma’s approach, the dCFCK was released to the public in July 2020. Tax professionals, small business owners and industry partners can now access a modern, intuitively designed and effective resource for learning and understanding strategies for cash flow management. The release of the dCFCK was particularly important in the context of the recovery of the 2020 Australian bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic, both events having damaging effects on Australian small business owners. Pragma are proud to be a partner with the ATO and deliver a product that provides real value to Australians. 

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