A desktop and mobile prototype to support a new way of engaging with the business community.

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IP Australia


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Connecting services for businesses

IP Australia engaged Pragma to rapidly develop a proposal and prototype of a concept for a moderated digital platform to:

  • Provide holistic information that is available 24/7 matching businesses who are seeking knowledge and advice with trusted experts
  • Targeted content
  • Convenient government services to help them sustain and grow.

Key to this work was understanding the existing government digital landscape and how services could be connected together to provide a logical place for businesses to seek assistance from expert peers, and from government. To do this, Pragma took the following approach:

  • Determined the service principles that drove the design
  • Determined the objectives and benefits to users
  • Mapped the principles to the objectives of each user group
  • Developed the product elements to be included within the service
  • Built a functioning mobile application prototype along with a desktop landing page prototype 
Prototype screen shot of business pulse

A new business-focused whole-of-government business growth platform

Business Pulse was pitched by the IP Australia CIO and Pragma MD, to the Secretary and senior executive at the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, to gain their support for a new business-focused whole-of-government business growth platform. The Secretary of the Department congratulated IP Australia and Pragma on the idea, the materials and the intended use of technology to support business. DIIS agreed to support IP Australia with further user research, and in the preparation of a business case to develop the concept into a digital service.

 “Well done to Pragma Partners for conceptualising such a forward-focused whole of government idea and for presenting such a visually pleasing, professional pitch pack and illustration of the digital service.” – HEATHER SMITH, Secretary, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 

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