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The Clean Energy Regulator in partnership with Pragma conducted a series of research activities to identify opportunities to better inform, connect and motivate employees across the agency to work together to achieve the agency’s purpose and objectives.

The results of the research were then formulated into a detailed Employee Engagement Blueprint which described the current environment and the desired future state of internal communications within the agency.

The agency then desired the development of a strategy document that would detail how the agency could take the opportunities identified in the user research blueprint and implement change to improve the experience staff have with internal communications.

To drive an enhanced approach to communications within the agency, Pragma identified 6 key enablers to describe how the opportunities uncovered in the research could be addressed. These key enablers were then described in detail in a series of 21 recommendations.

To enable the agency to take a scaled approach to the implementation of the strategy, the recommendations were then categorised according to implementation complexity:

  • Low complexity: the recommendation is simple to implement and does not require additional resources or significant collaboration with other areas of the agency.
  • Medium complexity: the recommendation is moderately intensive to implement and may require additional resources, significant input from other areas of the agency, and/or will take a significant amount of time to implement.
  • High complexity: the recommendation is more intensive to implement and will require additional resources, significant input from other areas and/or a significant amount of time to implement.

Pragma was able to successfully design a strategy for the agency with actionable, practical recommendations for change. This enabled the agency to create a culture that drives enhanced employee engagement, collaboration and purpose. The strategy was also used to guide the development of new initiatives and approaches to inform and connect staff at all levels.

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