Training CER staff to become experts in user research.



User Research



Up-skilling staff for the benefit of everyone

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) are working to ensure that all new and improved services and products are designed and implemented based on genuine user needs.

CER has an important focus on ensuring that all user interactions with the agency are positive. In order to embed this focus within the organisation, the agency is working to train and mentor their staff to conduct effective research and engage users.

Pragma came onboard to help deliver a broad program of user research, coaching and support that included:

  • Developing a user research framework for CER
  • Coaching and mentoring a team in user research planning, methodology and practice
  • Creating an extensive user research program to illustrate to the CER staff key insights such as user frustrations but also opportunities to improve their experience.


Practicing real user research techniques

The first step in this project was developing a contextualised user research framework. Pragma then conducted a series of intensive workshops with the CER team to coach them through the framework and the different user research methods.

In our workshops our experienced user researchers walked the CER staff through the research methods we use and provided real life examples. CER staff were able to practice real user research techniques in a controlled environment.

Once the CER staff had a solid understanding of user research methods and practices we began coaching the team to apply the learnt methods.

We worked closely with the CER team to develop a stakeholder map, develop a user research plan and conduct both qualitative (direct user interviews) and quantitative methods (logic based survey).

Making sense of resultsĀ 

To ensure a good understanding of the research process we conducted interactive workshops with CER staff to coach them through proven analysis techniques. We used the actual findings of the user research to give context to the learnings.

Proud to share our skills and knowledge

Following our training and coaching, the CER team have the skills and capability to embed user research in to all ongoing work. This will greatly improve CER services, information systems and enhance user experience.

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