Using user research and a content audit findings to develop a new content strategy.


Clean Energy Regulator


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Understanding the scale of the site

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) had identified that their website was not adequately meeting the needs of their users, and required a significant amount of internal resources to maintain and publish content. The website suffered from a high volume of content and users were having trouble finding the information they required.

CER engaged Pragma to conduct a content audit and develop a strategy for the redevelopment of the website. They required assistance identifying the highest priority content for redevelopment, and content that could be archived. They also engaged Pragma to conduct user research with website users to understand their needs and pain points, and then to develop and test the Alpha prototypes with users.


A strategy for controlling content on the website

Pragma conducted a thorough content audit of the CER website. We started by creating an inventory of all existing content and exporting comprehensive analytics data for each piece of content. We then mapped that content in the existing hierarchy, analysing the highest visited sections of the website as high-priority content, and noting all content that had not been updated or viewed for a determined period of time.

Pragma also conducted extensive readability and accessibility (WCAG 2.0 AAA) assessments, to understand the key areas of improvement that were required across the website content as a whole.

As a result of the findings that Pragma uncovered and synthesised for the agency in a Content Strategy, CER was able to identify the ‘highest impact’ sections of the website – the sections that if improved would radically improve the user experience. These sections formed the basis for the user journeys developed in the website’s Alpha stage. The prototypes that Pragma developed for this subsequent project were very well received by internal stakeholders and external users.

The content audit and analysis that Pragma performed also formed the basis for ongoing content operations and governance improvements in the agency, leading to efficiency gains for the Communications and Web Publishing teams. Based on these insights we could recommend content creation, approval and archival processes that significantly improved the efficiency of agency resourcing.

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