Using a content-led approach to developing a prototype for a new website.


Clean Energy Regulator


UX Design
Digital Prototyping and Usability Testing
User Research
Content Design



A new concept

The Clean Energy Regulator website suffered from a high volume of content that was out of date, and users were having trouble finding the information they required.

The agency engaged Pragma to develop a strategy for the redevelopment of the website. They required assistance identifying the highest priority user needs, mapping user journeys through the site, designing the content and visual experience of the site, and testing the site with real users.

A functional prototype

Pragma conducted thorough user research to fully understand CER users and what their top tasks are on the CER website. We then used those findings to identify the top priority user needs and journeys, and developed those to an Alpha stage prototype for testing with users.

We designed the content required to meet the needs of the users as they journeyed through the site, and worked in a multi-disciplinary team to move from user story mapping, to content design, to UX wireframes, and into high-fidelity visual prototypes.

We then rapidly iterated on low-fidelity prototypes (content and wireframes) to develop highly visual mockups that were then developed into interactive prototypes. We recruited users in consultation with CER and conducted task-based usability testing, where we identified whether the prototypes enabled users to meet real needs. We then iterated on these digital services until users had 100% success rate in using the services, meeting their needs with little to no friction.

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