Understanding and defining risks to develop strategies for complex management


IP Australia


Program and Project Planning



The Transactional Digital Services (TDS) Program aims to provide world-leading IP digital services delivery, through services that are modern, easy to use, efficient and effective. It combines multiple projects to deliver the required capabilities, and, due to its size and complexity, is influenced by a variety risks (threats and opportunities). Clearly defined risk and issue management strategies are fundamental to the success of a program. Effective risk and issue management requires the program environment and potential problems to be comprehensively defined, documented and understood. This ensures risks and issues are maintained at an appropriate level and any significant issues are resolved without adversely impacting program objectives.

Pragma was engaged to design and refine the entire suit of program management artefacts including the business case, Program Management Plan and the Risk and Issue Management Strategy. To gain an in-depth understanding of the current state and desired future state, we engaged with key stakeholders (including the Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Officer) and held workshops, aiming to leverage the knowledge of IP Australia stakeholders and identify (and expand on) risks and issues as a team.

As part of the strategy developed, we also provided an end-to-end process of risk management and coached IP Australia staff through this using initial risks/issues identified.

We delivered a succinct but thorough strategy that provided IP Australia the information required to effectively and reliably manage risks throughout the program.

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