An industry-led approach to IP and intangible asset valuation.

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Achieving a world-leading Intellectual Property system for Australia

A key goal of IP Australia is to achieve a world leading Intellectual Property (IP) system which contributes to Australia’s prosperity. Unlocking the true value of IP (and other intangible assets) with new lending valuation methodologies will open new lending markets and spur significant economic growth.

The key focus of the program was to:

  • Improve awareness in Australia about the significant value in IP and intangible assets.
  • Shift the market focus of finance products to include many of the factors that drive business valuations.
  • Enable bank debt-finance products to be secured with IP and intangible assets, rather than personal asset guarantees.

Pragma undertook rapid development of a prospectus for key participants in the finance industry (including large banks and industry bodies). It outlined the key elements of a program that would enable an industry-led approach to IP and intangible asset valuation.

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An industry-led approach to Intellectual Property

Given the short timeframe, Pragma undertook a number of rapid ideation workshops to generate ideas. Using the ideas, many key themes were developed and investigated further. They formed a plan for the implementation of a program that contained:

  • The value proposition to industry. This included the program objectives, required commitment and actions required of interested parties.
  • A proposed industry-led governance structure and establishment model.
  • The proposed stages of the model which included ideation (discovery and research activities), acceleration (drive the uptake of supported ideas), education (develop and deliver courses) and advocacy (build awareness and sell the benefits).
  • A high-level program plan. This contained the outline program benefits, expected outcomes and outputs, estimated costings and high-level risks.

 “I love Pragma’s work, as I know you get on with what I want to deliver!” – YOHAN RAMASUNDARA, Director, Business Futures, IP Australia

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