Explaining how blockchain can be used to support intellectual property rights.

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Understanding blockchain and its potential

In the FY 2017-18, IP Australia embarked on a blockchain research exploration to establish ways in which the distributed ledgers and emerging blockchain-based technologies could help it support Australian innovation.

The agency was keen to discover if these new digital technologies could open new opportunities for innovation around the world and more specifically, with respect to how IP offices could interact with the market to stimulate innovation now and for the future.

Pragma was engaged to take the proof of concept projects and combine it with a simplified explanation of blockchain so that the organisation could better understand the technology and its uses.

Visualising blockchain in real life scenarios

We contextualised the projects for readers by producing a series of highly visual conceptual models that illustrated the messaging using references to real places and subjects. This was done for both of the proof of concept projects along with a future state concept for how innovation could be stimulated through this technology and IP rights management.  By visualising as much as possible, we were able to help readers understand the concepts and applications simply and easily as well as the areas requiring further investigation.

Pragma prides itself on producing work that is genuinely useful and IP Australia received a simple brochure that was able to explain a highly complex technology in its own context and in a way that non-technical people could understand.

All illustrations were produced as stand-alone documents that were printed in large format to be placed on walls around the agency and used as communication tools to help drive the message.

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