UX Researcher and Experience Designer

Adele Marshall 

A passionate UX Researcher and Experience Designer, Adele is the ‘Ultimate User Advocate’ (Pragma’s kind of superhero!).

Committed to helping clients embrace the power of user research to drive better outcomes for people and projects – Adele feels like she’s found her UX kinfolk since joining Pragma in early 2022. 
With more than a decade of experience in the public sector, Adele brings a deep understanding of digital transformation and a serving of passion, fun, human-centricity and evidence-based decision making to the end-to-end user research process to apply insights to products and services that improve the lives of the people that use them.  
When Adele’s insatiable curiosity isn’t being satisfied by user research, she’ll go deep into a book or podcast about understanding the universe or the human condition (or deep down a YouTube rabbit hole binge watching the Hot Ones).