User Researcher, Business Analyst and Design Specialist

Alicia Martyn

Alicia Martyn

Alicia is an experienced User Researcher, Business Analyst and Co-Design Specialist. She loves using her specialised knowledge and applying it to new and challenging projects.

Alicia has over 20 years of IT industry experience. She has successfully been in a variety roles including business analyst, systems testing and BI developer.  Alicia has comprehensive experience in the multiple methods of requirements elicitation, stakeholder engagement skills and is skilled at explaining IT jargon in plain English.

Alicia enjoys the collaboration and creativity that Pragma projects involve. She loves working with people who challenge and inspire every day. The values that drive Alicia are leadership, support and acceptance.

More importantly, 80% of Alicia’s brain may actually be filled with song lyrics, so she’s crucial to any pop quiz team.