.NET Developer

Alistair Gibson

Alistair has extensive experience in .NET development, including C#, SQL, JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC and Git.

He loves applying his skills to a range of projects, while learning about new technology and processes along the way.

Alistair joined Pragma after 13 years at the Australian Research Council, bringing a wealth of knowledge in grants management processes, change management, business analysis and user acceptance testing.

In his downtime, Alistair likes gaming, watching sport, learning French, going to the gym, and eating food (although he says the last two don’t go so well together). He also enjoys playing soccer, inspired by his dad who played professionally in a Scottish side with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Alistair’s ‘fun’ fact: “The length of one metre was invented by the French in the 18th century by measuring the distance between the North Pole and the equator as it ran through Paris. One metre is one ten-millionth of that distance”