User Research and Service Design Specialist

Brett Hillam

Brett Hillam

Brett is an experienced Delivery Manager and User Researcher. He is committed to producing work that helps solve problems and improves peoples' lives.

Brett works across projects in Pragma’s Research and Design Practice. Brett has delivered solutions for web, employment and management systems. He works to embed agile delivery approaches across government, helping teams work in line with DTA’s Digital Service Standard.

Brett loves work that is driven by research and user-centred design. His focus is to intimately understand the needs of clients and deliver services that are clear, implementable and user focussed.

For Brett, people are the focus point for everything he produces. He loves helping people solve their problems, talking to people and making peoples lives easier.

Brett is your go-to guy when it comes to self improvement and life hacks. But only if you’re willing to give cold showers a go…he swears by them!