Experience Designer and Communications Specialist

Carolyn Wilkinson

A woman stands with her arms crossed. She is smiling and facing the camera.

Carolyn is an experience designer, creative and communication strategist that brings a finely tuned strategic lens to her work.

Carolyn enjoys looking at the big picture. She asks the questions and digs deeper with stakeholders to bring about solutions that are informed by research, best practice and ultimately benefit the needs of people interacting with it.

A true all-rounder, Carolyn has experience managing large projects and scaffolding teams. Her love for design, research and heart for people, was a natural fit towards specialising in user experience design. Carolyn is a visual communicator. She has a talent for taking something complex and transforming it into something succinct and often colourful.

Carolyn has a bit of a habit at work of talking with her hands, but that’s just her expression of big ideas and a passion to bring others along the journey.