UX Designer

Ethan Cohen

Ethan is a passionate UX Designer with a flair for delivering high-quality and visually engaging work.

Ethan loves working on projects and systems that matter, and can tangibly impact users’ ability to perform important tasks. Since joining Pragma in early 2022, he’s been loving the opportunity to climb a ‘delightfully steep’ learning curve, picking up skills from other team members.

Ethan likes to be challenged and embrace opportunities to exercise and develop his skills. His desire to learn and grow as part of an efficacious and constructive team also guides and shapes his work.

At Pragma, Ethan values a methodical, rigorous and effective approach to user experience, which is manifest in all of the work Pragma produces. He says an evidence-based, research-informed and user-centred approach to design allows clients to be confident that Pragma has users’ best interests in mind throughout every step of design processes.

A true creative, Ethan spends plenty of time working on funky motion graphics, animations and other digital art, and film photography in his spare time. He’s also searching for Sydney’s best vegan burger and is open to recommendations!