Service Designer and Digital Practitioner

Kate Conrick

Kate is a Service Designer and Digital Practitioner, with a focus on working with Government to transform the ways they work, adopt contemporary digital practices, and deliver services that meet user needs. 

With background in both public and private sectors and roles spanning technology, education, research, design, and agile ways of working, Kate now uses her experience to guide teams through the process of digital product and service design.

Her experience working in both highly technical roles and human-focused areas helps her bridge the gap between the two, making her a bit of a golden child in digital operations. Happily adapting to any role, Kate is most often found working with teams as a coach, product owner, or delivery manager – although she has the skills to jump right into a hands-on role in research, design or full-stack development.

Kate is an innate motivator, and her strong interest in building skills in the teams she works with is backed with deep expertise. She champions a user centred design approach at every opportunity, working with real people and data to make smart decisions, and design services that work.

Kate is also an amazing ceramicist and artist, so be careful never to mention crafternoon – you won’t escape.