Digital Technology and Delivery Specialist

Micah Hobbs

Black and white image of a man standing facing the camera. He is looking at the camera with his arms crossed.

Micah is a digital technology practitioner and delivery specialist.

As a Principal Consultant, Micah has more than ten years’ experience delivering for a range of clients from large government agencies to small business. 

Micah thrives in complex environments where he can apply technology to realise solutions to challenging, real-world, problems. This deep understanding of technology spans across government service design, software development, architecture, and strategy. 

Micah prides himself on being a generalist. Whether writing code for a new web application, developing a solution architecture document, working with designers to wireframe, or leading Pragma’s IT services, Micah is relied upon for his diverse skillset. Given his skills and experience Micah can bridge the gap between business and technology better than most. 

Micah is certified in a range of latest cloud technology skills and providers including Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Pega. He is also a certified ScrumMaster with delivery experience in dozens of agile engagements. 

Most importantly, Micah is Pragma’s undefeated Christmas party golf and axe throwing champion.