Digital Technology and Delivery Specialist

Micah Hobbs

Black and white image of a man standing facing the camera. He is looking at the camera with his arms crossed.

Micah is a digital technology practitioner and delivery specialist. He loves the variety of work and clients that come with this role.

Micah has worked across Pragma’s Research and Design and Digital Technology and Delivery Practices. He uses his broad knowledge and experience to analyse, optimise, and deliver human-centred digital services from inception through to technology implementation.

Micah is certified in a range of cloud technology skills and providers including Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Pegasystems. He is also a certified ScrumMaster with delivery experience in many agile engagements. Micah enjoys knowing that his work has an impact on achieving more human-centred government services for citizens.

Most importantly, Micah is Pragma’s undefeated Christmas party golf and axe throwing champion.