Design Collaborator

Nesan Pillay

Nesan’s mission is to enable people, no matter their discipline, to be engaged and enthusiastic about how they can impact their organisation. He likes to utilise Human-Centred Design by putting the user at the centre of service and product designs.

Nesan has a strong background in UX design and design thinking. He is also Lego Serious Play Facilitator and loves injecting play into workshops, uncovering the best in everyone.

“I would call myself a Design Collaborator, as I design work with clients’ input,” Nesan says.

“This means we combine our shared understanding of the problem space, co-designing innovative, robust solutions,” he says.

He enjoys discovering how people interact with and use products, before designing solutions that make their experience delightful, satisfying and leaves them wanting more.

At Pragma, Nesan likes working with like-minded people who are enthusiastic and have a drive for the products and services they work on.

“Everyone within the team is accountable for their work, making projects run smoothly,” Nesan says.

“This increases our trust in each other’s work and improves the collective reliability of the team. Leaders trust us to perform, and this trust is reciprocated in the quality of work,” he says.

Outside of work, Nesan enjoys reading novels, playing adventure games and landscape photography.