Content Designer

Rosie Carr

Rosie is a passionate content designer with a strong user focus that helps people get the answers they need.

With extensive consulting experience working with a number of government clients, Rosie enjoys taking complex processes, policies and concepts and making them easy to digest and understand. She values the opportunity to apply industry best practice and always advocate for the user in the design and development process. 

Rosie’s favourite thing about working at Pragma? Access to our very own IP and industry expertise. Rosie says that no matter what problem she’s faced with, there is a stack of Pragma resources to help find a solution, including thought leaders.

Rosie loves spending time walking her whippet Alfie, as well as home interiors and styling, which mostly takes the form of her purchasing more coffee table books. 

If Rosie were to go on Hard Quiz, her topic would definitely be the TV show Friends, which she has watched about 8 times over.