We use agile approaches to design operating models that kickstart transformation. We iterate and improve team practices from within.

Our consultants work within multi-disciplinary, agile teams. We draw on the right tools and techniques for the job and our clients.

We help teams work in line with the agile ways of working Digital Service Standard criteria. We use powerful alignment techniques like showcases, retrospectives, research share-backs and combined planning sessions. These allow teams to align priorities in a complex environment.

Pragma uses tested techniques for scaling agile between teams with interdependencies. As well as this, we design governance arrangements for agile and waterfall projects.

As certified Scrum Masters, we have deep experience in applying agile principles, values, techniques and tools in service delivery.

Agile Delivery includes

  • Agile delivery frameworks
    Agile delivery frameworks
  • Agile governance models
    Agile governance models
  • Coaching and mentoring
    Coaching and mentoring
  • Delivery management
    Delivery management
  • Ways of working definition
    Ways of working definition