Designing with a content-first approach optimises the user experience. We design insightful, valuable and consumable content for your users.

Content design is one of Pragma’s core services. We have a team of experienced content design and strategy practitioners who specialise in developing content for large and complex government and corporate websites.

Content design begins with understanding user needs. We define a purpose and scope for content, create content, deliver content and draw on user-centred design expertise. This helps us to validate content against its purpose, with real users.

We use a tried, tested and proven model for content design. It includes techniques such as identifying users’ top tasks, journey mapping, content modelling and testing content with real users for readability and utility.

Content Design includes

  • Coaching and mentoring
    Coaching and mentoring
  • Content drafting
    Content drafting
  • Content strategy
    Content strategy
  • Information architecture
    Information architecture
  • User research
    User research