We don’t just produce things that look good because we can, we know your audience so we can tell stories that compel them to action.

At Pragma we love to produce things that have the greatest visual impact.  We understand that visual design is a balance. It is not just pictures. It takes intelligent graphics to enhance the story you are trying to tell and we specialise at it.

We love visual products.

Graphic design and illustration forms a critical component of the work we undertake for all clients.  We ensure that all of the work we do, tells the story and communicates in the most effective way possible.

The visual impact of a product can be crucial to its success or failure and lasting sense of quality.  Whether it is subtle design or highly polished, we know how to maximise the impact. We strive to present information that compels the audience through a blend of sophisticated graphics and rich content.

We have a team of dedicated designers that skilfully craft print and digital products that match the purpose; not more, not less.

Graphic Design and Illustration includes

  • Large format illustration
    Large format illustration
  • Print and digital design
    Print and digital design
  • Process visualisation
    Process visualisation
  • Report design
    Report design
  • Technical illustration
    Technical illustration

How we've applied Graphic Design and Illustration in the real world