At Pragma, we specialise in business and technical disciplines and this inherently means we deeply understand the issues that occur at the intersection of business and ICT and the range of solutions that help to combat them.

We understand the difficulties you may come across in developing and implementing ICT solutions that will achieve the significant change and transformation you are seeking.

Our solution architects apply technology in tangible, practical problem domains using business analysis techniques, including:

  • discovery-based in desktop analysis;
  • market scans and solution evaluation;
  • architectural reviews;
  • useability testing; and
  • solution evaluation through rapid prototyping with real users.

We work with key internal stakeholders to understand the capabilities required to streamline organisational processes and support volume required for future activity.

We structure our approach to minimise organisational disruption and maximise organisational benefit.

Solution Architecture includes

  • Architecture reviews
    Architecture reviews
  • Business analysis
    Business analysis
  • Coaching and mentoring
    Coaching and mentoring
  • Solution evaluation
    Solution evaluation
  • Technical design
    Technical design