Digital Practitioner and Delivery Specialist

Simon Gilmore

A black and white image of a man in a suit. He is standing in the middle of the frame with his hands in his pockets and looking at the camera.

Simon is an experienced senior consultant skilled in agile delivery and product management. He is passionate about taking on challenging problems and being a part of the team that can offer solutions.

Simon has a wealth of experience across private and public sector organisations. As a technology specialist, he is a keen innovator and always looks for ways to learn and improve.

Simon loves delivering products that exceed client expectations and being proud of the work he does. He enjoys a wide variety of work and has a track record of quickly mastering new skill sets on demand.

As Pragma’s tallest employee to date, Simon is always happy to let anyone know what the weather is like up there. In his spare time, he enjoys working on his car and tinkering with FPV racing drones.