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A comprehensive program of organisational transformation, spanning core service delivery, technology, and management

ARENA recognised the need to review and enhance their service offerings, in the context of the Digital Transformation Agency’s whole-of-government Digital Service Standard (the Standard). In doing this, ARENA undertook to examine the way in which enhancements to their core service offerings, such as grant delivery, were designed and implemented in order to ensure alignment with the Standard and engaged Pragma to support this process.

Pragma analysed information gathered through available discovery and user research information and also gathered additional information gleaned from past vendors used by ARENA and how their services related to the criteria within the Standard.

This information was then synthesised into a digital readiness report which provided ARENA with an assessment of a current state view of their service offerings against the Standard, along with opportunities for better alignment to inform the design of enhancements as part of the broader transformation program.

A comprehensive digital readiness report

The digital readiness report provided ARENA insights into their digital readiness against the Standard. It also provided actionable recommendations and contemporary delivery practices for integration into the technology implementation project.

This ensured that ARENA was able to implement enhancements to the delivery of their services that not only align with the Standard, but are recognised as best practice in government service delivery. Pragma was asked to prepare a delivery management guide for the implementation of digital services at ARENA, as well as coaching the delivery team in agile ways of working.

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