Consulting Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Dr Alex Antic

Dr Alex Antic

Dr Antic is a trusted partner of Pragma, joining us as a consulting Chief Data & Analytics Officer. His role with Pragma covers strategy and technical expertise in relation to all things data, analytics, and AI.

One of Australia’s iconic data leaders, Dr Antic has a proven record of delivering innovative, strategic, and successful initiatives across industry, government, and academia. He is experienced at simplifying complex technical issues, and helping organisations create a data-driven evidence-based decision-making culture.

Dr Antic has a rare blend of technical expertise and business acumen, with more than 18 years post-PhD experience in a range of areas, including advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, mathematics, quantitative analysis, asset management, academia and banking.

With a passion for helping organisations succeed, Dr Antic is dedicated to shaping Australia’s future through the responsible use of analytics to drive impact and change. He is recognised for developing and leading high-performance teams, hands-on technical expertise, and strategic advisory.

Dr Antic’s qualifications include a PhD in Applied Mathematics, First Class Honours in Pure Mathematics, and a double degree in Mathematics & Computer Science. He also holds several advisory board roles across industry, government, and academia.

In 2020, Dr Antic was recognised as one of the Top 10 Analytics Leaders in Australia by the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia.