User Experience Designer

Kensie Young

Kensie is a talented User Experience Designer, with more than 10 years’ design experience.

Kensie’s impressive skillset branches across UX research, product design and development, multimedia design and branding. He works collaboratively with business stakeholders and developers to deliver user-focused designs. 

Kensie loves the process of building great products, deploying design thinking methodology and being “on the tools” to produce engaging content. He enjoys problem-solving and bringing together design solutions that delight users and clients.

Kensie likes the community nature of Pragma, and the learnings and experiences that are shared throughout the team. At work, he is driven to be honest, a good team member and deliver quality work.

Kensie has a Master’s of Digital Media and Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial and Product Design.

Outside of work, Kensie can be found watching NBA and cheering on the Celtics, playing video games, or whipping up cool 3D modelling creations.