Service Designer

Lauren Beech

Lauren is a naturally curious person, always striving to understand the ‘why’.

With a background in industrial and graphic design, Lauren inherently brings a user experience lens to all her work and can apply it in a highly creative way.  

She has an ability to elicit information from people in a non-threatening way, distil findings and provide strategic solutions. This has been vital in the research and digital transformation projects she has worked on.

Lauren loves the challenge of understanding a problem that someone is facing, and being able to use some creative thinking to make it better. 

At Pragma, Lauren aims to always deliver high quality and valuable expertise with honesty and humility. She loves the workplace culture and enjoys working with those who care about doing good and impactful work. 

Outside of work, Lauren is always dreaming about her next travel adventure, torn between her love of mountains and the beach. She also highly recommends an afternoon nap once in a while.