Content and Communications Specialist

Shannon O'Heir

Shan is a talented Senior Consultant, working across content design and strategy, UX design, and user research.

Shan has a background in law and communications, enabling her to flex her interpersonal skills and empathy to make hard stuff easy (or easier) for users and clients.

Shan advocates for a content-first approach to digital product and service design. She enjoys bringing together best practice, research, and user and client needs to develop high-value outcomes.

Shan loves the clever, talented and downright legendary people that make up the Pragma team. Shan is known for bringing the vibes, and coined the term ‘Praggle’ – now widely-used to describe a Pragma team member.

Shan is driven to put people and relationships at the centre of, well everything! She puts the ‘Pragma’ in pragmatism and works to develop holistic and impactful solutions to tricky problems.

Outside of work, Shan can be found searching for Canberra’s best burrata, or playing Nintendo Switch games designed for 6 year olds. However, she does spend a lot of time looking at, talking about, patting, or walking her Border Collie ‘Wagons’.

Shan is likely give someone a nickname within 2 minutes of meeting them (sorry).