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The University of Melbourne (UoM) receives over $2 billion in research funding annually across fields such as Human Rights Law, Climate Change, Telecommunications and Medical Research. In 2018, in order to bring its current administration practices in line with other Australian Universities, Granting Organisations, and Government Agencies, the University embarked on a project to implement F1 Solutions’ flagship software product, OmniStar. Pragma partnered with F1 Solutions and the University to gain a better understanding of user processes and requirements before implementing and delivering the solution. Pragma was specifically engaged to provide expert business analysis services in order to build a trusting relationship with University project staff and to improve training and processes within the Business Analysis stream of solution design.

During the elicitation phase, our analyst played a key role in many strawman and design workshops, attended by key project stakeholders such as researchers, administrators, subject matter experts and project team members. Our analyst contributed to the conversation and assisted UoM project business analysts in the running of, and dissemination of information from, these workshops. The findings of the workshops were then distilled to develop wireframes of the user journeys explored and also summarised into digestible business requirements used by the F1 Solutions development team to provide useable prototypes for the University.

After requirements elicitation and journey mapping workshops, a gap analysis was undertaken by our analyst to determine the solution development types for each requirement identified within the workshops, with approximately 350 requirements identified. A determination was made detailing the type of development, associated costs and estimated development effort for tasks associated with developing the requirement.

Pragma then conducted a thorough industry-wide investigation into software deployment and rollout approaches. Industry-standard techniques and practices in both Agile and Waterfall methodologies were used to engage and encourage business analysts within F1 Solutions and UoM to attain a successful release.

By being on-site and part of the requirements elicitation activities early, our experienced analyst was able to establish and build prospering relationships with stakeholders. We gained important insights into the University’s processes, procedures, pain points, diversity, culture and appetite for change. These insights played a major role in the initial design of the OmniStar solution. Further to this, the extensive range of best-practice templates developed by our analyst are now used in day to day operations.

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