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Australian Border Force (ABF)


Visual design
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Australian Border Force (ABF) and The Department of Home Affairs are at the forefront of the border closures following the Australian Government’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.

ABF and the Department have access to data holding with regarding to Australia’s border and can harness this data to produce insights that will enable the Australian Government to respond efficiently to the challenges presented in a post-COVID-19 world. As any changes to border operations has a significant impact on ABF, they were required to analyse and forecast these impacts across a number of different scenarios for reopening the Australian border.

Pragma was engaged to help to collect, analyse and model potential scenarios for safely reopening the Australian borders in preparation for Ministerial briefing.

Pragma worked with multiple stakeholders within Home Affairs and ABF to discover relevant and reliable data sources and datasets.

By utilising service design expertise Pragma mapped scenarios in a digestible manner that highlighted scalability, workforce impacts and resourcing requirements. Mapping was a critical component of this design work as it allowed people to understand how the different scenarios related to each other. This meant stakeholders could clearly see the pain points, risks, benefits and opportunities of each scenario.

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