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The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) is driving an APS-wide focus on identifying, sharing and sourcing reusable platforms to optimise investment, speed up delivery of future services and provide a more consistent user experience in a Whole of Government (WofG) context.

Pragma was engaged by the DTA to develop a detailed Reuse Assessment Framework and toolkit with accompanying methodology to support the discovery, analysis and future design of Permission based services across government.

A series of artefacts were produced to enable DTA to assist agencies in leveraging reuse capabilities across government through Reuse Assessment. Pragma utilised DTA’s Reuse Assessment Model to design a framework allowing agencies to determine the feasibility of reuse for each use case.

The DTA identified the need for a Reuse Assessment Framework to enable the DTA to work with Permissions Agencies to determine the feasibility of reuse in relation to Permissions.

The DTA engaged Pragma to establish an assessment process based on DTA’s four-stage Reuse Assessment Model. Pragma developed a series of artefacts with the DTA to provide a structured process for Permissions Agencies to conduct research and analysis of a Permission in both its current and future state.

User Research and Service Design Frameworks were developed based on Pragma’s proven methodology to equip the DTA with the resources to advise Permission Agencies on best practice user research and service design.

Pragma developed a Reuse Assessment Framework providing decision criteria to assess the suitability of reuse for each Permission at critical decision points. Accompanying this was a Reuse Analysis Toolkit, which was developed as a series of templates for Permissions Agencies to walk through their research and findings and subsequently inform the reuse assessment.

The DTA is now equipped with a series of artefacts to engage agencies in Reuse Assessment. This will enable better WofG services, more consistent user experiences, faster delivery and better access to talent through shared resources.

With this structured step-by-step process, DTA can assist agencies in conducting user research and service design to inform the assessment and their suitability for reuse. This provides the DTA with an opportunity to implement reuse to ensure consistent and efficient delivery across Government.

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