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The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) recognised the importance of understanding the needs of users in relation to industrial elections and protected action ballots, two core services that interact with Registered Organisations. To address this, the AEC enlisted the expertise of Pragma to conduct a comprehensive assessment on a large scale.

Pragma began by conducting extensive user research to gain insights into the requirements and preferences of the users. Armed with this valuable information, Pragma proceeded to leverage these findings and develop a future service design that capitalised on the identified opportunities. The aim was to create a concept for a future service system that would effectively cater to the needs of the users.

A crucial aspect of the future service design was the creation of a large-format visualisation. This visualisation served as a visual representation of the future service and user landscape, demonstrating how various elements interconnected within the system and their relationship to the anticipated high-level IT infrastructure. The primary purpose of this visualisation was to communicate the complexity of the service in a concise and easily understandable manner. It played a vital role in reminding the team and key stakeholders of the envisioned future as they progressed through the detailed design process.

To ensure that the vision remained at the forefront of discussions and decision-making, the printed visualisation was prominently displayed on the office wall. It became a central point of reference during all design discussions, serving as a constant reminder of the overarching goal. This approach helped maintain alignment with the established vision and ensured that all initiatives and design choices were in line with the desired outcomes.

Using this technique, we facilitated communication and fostered a shared understanding among the project team and key stakeholders. The visual representation served as a powerful tool for keeping everyone focused on the broader vision while navigating the intricacies of detailed design.

In addition to the work described above for the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), Pragma also produced an isometric illustration that provided a detailed representation of the current operation of the physical space involved in the electoral processes. This particular approach of utilising isometrics had distinct advantages, allowing for a visual depiction of the processes without relying heavily on textual explanations, giving the product more freedom and clearer messaging for the consumers.

Isometric illustrations are a type of three-dimensional representation that employs a specific perspective, where all three axes are equally foreshortened. This technique presents objects and spaces in a visually appealing and easily comprehensible manner. By utilising isometric illustrations in this way, we aimed to provide a clear and detailed visualisation of the physical space and its operational processes related to the electoral activities.

The advantage of using isometric illustrations lies in their ability to visually convey complex processes without relying on extensive textual descriptions. Instead of overwhelming the audience with technical jargon or lengthy explanations, the isometric illustration allowed the viewers to grasp the intricacies of the current operation intuitively. By visually representing the physical space and its components, such as equipment, stations, and workflows, the illustration offered a comprehensive overview of the electoral processes in a visually engaging manner.

The isometric illustration played a significant role in enhancing the communication and understanding of the current operational setup. It provided a visual narrative that showcased the interconnections between various elements and the flow of activities within the physical space.

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