We design, describe, detail and drive tangible and practical action.

Service design is one of Pragma’s core service offerings. We have proven experience designing services for large organisations and government. We know that people will avoid using services if they are too hard, even important ones.

We pride ourselves on designing desirable services that deliver change that is strategic in its considerations of the consumer and business needs. Our experienced designers intimately understand the needs of users and design services that are clear, implementable and user-focused.

Our proven methodology

As practitioners, we have developed, refined and documented our own Service Design and Delivery approach. We have applied this across many services and proven its effectiveness. We draw on extensive user research to develop service delivery models that can be developed into detailed service designs that we use to drive our product development and delivery.

Designs are presented in detailed, visually exciting design blueprints that aim to align service investments to support user objectives.

Service Design includes

  • Coaching and mentoring
    Coaching and mentoring
  • Service concepts
    Service concepts
  • Service delivery models
    Service delivery models
  • Service design blueprints
    Service design blueprints
  • Service design frameworks
    Service design frameworks