Building a benefits management capability for the Federal Court.

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Building benefits management capability

Pragma was engaged to work with the Digital Courts Program (Federal Court of Australia) to build benefits management capability and define the benefits management and realisation approach for the program. 

At Pragma we have our proven benefits planning and management methodologies. We believe in tailoring our approach based on the information identified in discovery activities. This is not only a recommended project management technique, but it ensures that the foundations exist [that are based on proven methods. 

Pragma understands that benefits management is most effective with clearly defined benefits that are measurable and support the strategic objectives of the service or program. All outputs from a project or program should help to derive a benefit. If this is not the case then the output may be redundant or a benefit may be missing.

Process from the federal courts benefits plan

Embedding a robust approach to benefits management

Pragma provided the Digital Courts Program with its own contextualised methodologies:

  • Benefits Definition and Mapping Guide
  • Benefits Management and Realisation Guide.

Using the guides, Pragma walked the program team through the methodologies before beginning the benefits definition and realisation planning processes.

Pragma delivered the benefits management guides and realisation plan to provide the Digital Courts Program with the robust approach to benefits management that DIMO were looking for.  The success of this activity is proven through the acceptance of the plan and compliments from the governing body along with the CEO, Federal Court of Australia. 

“The guys ran a really great workshop today, it was great to see how engaged the group was and, in the end, they were virtually doing it themselves.” – DTA

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