Business Architecture is fundamental to understanding what your value is, and how you will deliver it to your clients. We know how to make this happen.

Our Business Architecture practitioners have developed, refined and documented proven techniques to design business models based on proven methods that work. We help define and understand what value to create and how. The link between Business Architecture and Service Design is strong, we make sure that all the services we design come from a robust Business Architecture platform.

This means we don’t stop at a business model.  We look at how the business, service and operating models combine to deliver what your organisation needs.

Our model is proven.

Using our business architecture tools, we will help you to understand your value proposition and how to build your service offering to support it. Whether it is big or small, public or private, our proven techniques will position you for success!

Business Architecture includes

  • Business models
    Business models
  • Coaching and mentoring
    Coaching and mentoring
  • Operating models
    Operating models
  • Service models
    Service models
  • Value proposition definition
    Value proposition definition