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The Australian Research Council (ARC) is pursuing an opportunity to deliver a flexible capability including end-to-end services for organisations that provide grants to the research sector throughout all stages of the grants delivery lifecycle.

Following development of the business model (to clearly articulate how the service will deliver value to customers), and the service delivery model (to articulate what the proposed services are that support the delivery of the services), the next step was to describe how the ARC will approach the operation of the services.

To develop the operating model, Pragma built on the strategies described through the business and service delivery models and described how the ARC will organise itself to efficiently and effectively deliver and execute on these models. The operating model describes the key aspects of the structures, information, and processes that will enable this and is largely based around four key areas of interest including:


The work that needs to be done to deliver the value through the key services described in the service delivery model.

Organisation and management processes

The key people who will deliver and support services and how they are organised within the ARC.


Where the people who will deliver and support the service will be located and what is required to support them (including any specific assets).


The key information systems that are required to support the resources including standard and non-standard applications.

The operating model forms a critical link for the ARC between understanding the service to be offered, and how it will be delivered. The model takes the strategies described through the business and service delivery models and forms a detailed description of how to organise the ARC operations to support the processes, information and technology in a way that will efficiently deliver its services.

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