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A complex user landscape and many intersecting digital services

The Clean Energy Regulator has a website as well as a number of different online portals, all of which have many uses and distinct user groups. These different systems have a complex relationship with each other and users were often having to provide the same information multiple times. Users were also having trouble finding relevant and clear information on the website.

We set out to understand the needs of CER’s users, and develop a detailed understanding of what they used the website and systems for.

Pragma’s user researchers used a variety of methods to discover and understand users’ frustrations, and identified the required improvements that would take the CER website and online portals to a world-class digital service.

Using qualitative and quantitative research to understand the problem

Our first step was working with CER staff to develop a plan outlining the vision, objectives and methods of the research. Next we created a number of hypotheses to test assumptions that would form the basis for research.

Our team gained a deep understanding of CER’s users through structured, in-depth interviews and workshops . We interviewed users as well as call centre staff to build qualitative findings around users’ frustrations, attitudes and behaviours. We also collected quantitative data through methods such as surveys, a content audit, transaction and call centre data.

The findings from the research were analysed and codified, ultimately presented through a highly visual User Research Blueprint. In this product we also identified clear and defined opportunities to improve their digital systems.

Having a real understanding of their users’ needs will mean that changes and developments to their digital services will be high impact and valuable to their clients.

Using the research to kick-start change and improve on services

The research has formed a starting point for a wide range of service design activities for large scale renewables and the government’s new Climate Solutions Fund, as it seeks to accelerate carbon abatement in its response to climate change.

Findings have also helped the agency plan change management for external users, as well as assess internal readiness for a range of coming changes, providing new insights into the way its users engage across schemes.

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