‘Streamlining Government Grants Administration’ user research methodology.

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Digital Transformation Agency


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A rapid diagnostic to evaluate measures and outcomes tied to user experience

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) exists to help the Federal Government improve digital services to make them simple, clear and fast. 

One function of the DTA is to oversee significant ICT and digital investments, assurance policy and framework, and the whole-of-government digital portfolio. This includes the ‘Streamlining Government Grants Administration Program’. 

Pragma was selected to conduct a rapid diagnostic to evaluate measures and outcomes tied to user experience improvements of the program. 

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Understanding and improving how user needs drive prioritisation and continuous improvement

Driven by Pragma’s core belief that user research and evidence-based design is fundamental in creating positive digital experiences, we sought to review the way that SGGA had conducted user research. We sought to help DTA understand how research had shaped measurement in the program, and particularly how an understanding of user needs had driven prioritisation and continuous improvement.

We started with a series of workshops, to understand behaviours and attitudes in relation to use of qualitative insights from users. This included meeting with representatives from every Canberra agency participating in delivering this program. 

Drawing on insights and data from these interviews, as well as review of a range of evidence, we were able to identify current state program-level measurement, as well as make recommendations about measures that could be established to enable the success of the initiative as a whole. 

Our diagnostic uncovered attitudes, practices and behaviours that highlighted pain points in program delivery. We worked with the DTA to help shape impactful recommendations that enabled agencies tasked with program delivery to effectively incorporate a renewed focus on customer experience in their delivery prioritisation. 

In addition, Pragma delivered a series of recommendations with practical steps to ensure a baseline measure of customer experience is available for the Program within a defined period. 

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