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The Australian Research Council (ARC) is delivers a flexible capability for organisations that provide grants to the research sector throughout all stages of the grants delivery lifecycle. After having first defined the business model to clearly articulate how the service will deliver value to customers, Pragma supported the ARC to develop a service delivery model to articulate improved services that support the delivery of the ARC Grants, why they are needed, and how the research sector would benefit.

Drawing on the findings of the business model workshops, and the research and discovery activities conducted in the first phase of the project, Pragma developed the service delivery model to describe the service delivery system for ARC Services and how stakeholders will interact with its services.  The model shows the different ways in which grant providers and stakeholders can access services and how these will be delivered including what products and services will need to be developed and refined by the ARC.

The model articulates the objectives of the service, the role of the different services, and the design principles that underpin the model. A key feature is the conceptual model that describes the interactions of the users of the service with key processes and information technology touchpoints. The model also provides detailed personas and journey maps to describe the attributes, needs and opportunities of key user segments that underpin the development of the services.

The finalised service delivery model outlines the package of services that extract the highest value for the ARC and how these services will be delivered.

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