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DIIS needed a better service design to effectively contribute to the development of Australian businesses

The Department of Innovation, Industry and Science (DIIS) is responsible for supporting economic growth and job creation for all Australians. DIIS runs many grants and initiatives to do so. One of which is The Entrepreneurs’ Programme (EP).

The EP is the Government’s flagship initiative for business competitiveness and productivity. The program supports businesses through commercialisation, management, incubator support and innovation connections.

In 2018, DIIS was told to reform the program with the objective of identifying opportunities to improve EP outcomes and efficiencies. This included changing programme management and administration.

The reformed service model needed to included desired service elements, processes and customer journeys. The new operating model also needed to focus on flexible and efficient delivery and appropriate governance.

Pragma was selected to work with the reform team and key stakeholders throughout DIIS to define a Service Delivery Model and related Operating Model.

Research, service design and operating models allowed the team to move from conceptual design to service development and implementation

Using its proven methods and techniques, Pragma refined the thinking around design and implementation to increase effectiveness and efficiencies within the project team.

To do this, we used the following four distinct phases of work:

Research synthesis

Pragma worked with the team to synthesise the ideas into smaller actionable steps to progress the design of the new business and operating models. We used techniques such as affinity modelling and card sorts to converge ideas into themes and threads.

Business model creation

Pragma ran business architecture identification sessions to test different business models that enabled the team to design, analyse, prototype and compare different models.

Service delivery & operating models

Leaning on our proven service design methodology, Pragma developed a service delivery model that captured the key insights from the user research. Using this as the platform, an operating model was developed to identify how EP could be restructured to align with the model.

Implementation plan 

Pragma developed an implementation plan to outline the key projects required to deliver the reform. It included key program planning elements including, risk, benefits, communications, stakeholder management and program plan.

Through this process, Pragma enabled a the new EP to achieve better outcomes and contribute to the development of more innovative and productive Australian businesses.

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